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Registration of a School in Tanzania – Part One

Application in writing is made by a client to the Commissioner of Education under the flying seal of District Executive Director and the Regional Administrative Secretary requesting a permit to build a School. The request letter should have the following attachments: –

  • Client’s project proposal;
  • copy of a school site plan;
  • copies of buildings drawings which are certified by the District Engineer,
  • certificate of evidence of ownership of land from the recognized sector. Land area should be 3 ½  area at town and 7½ at village area, building permit;
  • bank statement amounting to Shillings 62million and above;
  • certificate of incorporation/registration and memorandum of understanding or articles of Association/partnership deed for the school which is owned by partners, company or institute.

If there is a need of using the name of saint the permission should be submitted from the recognized religious leaders.

  • Permit to build a school is granted by the Commissioner of Education by issuing a written document. Construction of a School can begin after a permit is granted.

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