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Ensuring Accountability and Security: The Importance of Sim Card Registration in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government enacted The Electronic and Postal Communications (Sim Card Registration) Regulations, 2020, to address the issue of electronic offenses and crimes. Before this regulation, it was not mandatory to conduct full SIM Card registration, and citizens bought as many SIM cards as they wanted. However, the new regulation made it compulsory for individuals...
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Registration of a School in Tanzania – Part One

Application in writing is made by a client to the Commissioner of Education under the flying seal of District Executive Director and the Regional Administrative Secretary requesting a permit to build a School. The request letter should have the following attachments: – Client’s project proposal; copy of a school site plan; copies of buildings drawings which are certified by the District Engineer, certificate of evidence of ownership of land from the recognized sector. Land area should be 3 ½  area at town and 7½ at village area, building permit;...
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